Well, now, THIS is interesting!

So, this might explain some things about why we never could get a fair hearing at the Planning Commission such that violations of the Land Development Code were deflected and ignored in favor of the developer.  Here are two news reports: WDRB WLKY In addition to the alleged Planning Commission composition violation, we wonder…  Does […]

The Independent Investigation Presentation to the KHC Board on October 2, 2013

“Findings 1. Overlook gained a competitive advantage by being certified FBE; 2. Overlook is no longer a certified FBE; 3. Overlook was awarded the 9% LIHTC portion of the Frontgate project because of this advantage; 4. Overlook failed to acknowledge its affiliation with LDG in applications with KHC and when seeking FBE certification.” These were […]

The KHC Board’s Action on October 2, 2013

We do not yet have all of the details (the full report) behind the decision that occurred yesterday, but this is what we know at this time.  (We will soon obtain the full report through Open Records Request.) The truth is starting to be recognized and respected. The Board of the Kentucky Housing Corporation (the […]

Instead of zero tolerance of fraud…

This is new information that our team recently found in an Open Records Request: Background:  Kentucky Housing Corporation’s website states its fraud policy, including: “Kentucky Housing Corporation recognizes the importance of protecting the organization, its operations, its employees and its assets against financial risks, operational breaches and unethical activities. Therefore, it is incumbent upon Kentucky […]

More evidence falls in our laps

So, out of the blue, today we received official notification from an agency about an Open Records Request that was sent to that agency by someone we don’t know seeking all documentation “…concerning Jonathan Bingham…” The CD full of documentation includes at least 4 new pieces of evidence that further substantiate that Michael Gross is […]

How Can A “Zero Tolerance Policy” Tolerate This?

This is a summary of some of the facts that have now been reported (with documentation) to investigative authorities for the Board of Directors of Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC).  Unfortunately, previous communications to KHC’s CEO and Legal Counsel which began in September 2012 were repeatedly dismissed without proper investigation.  (More about the difficulties with KHC’s […]

Our Request to Louisville Metro’s Human Relations Commission (shorter portion)

In December 2012, we submitted extensive documentation to Louisville Metro’s Human Relations Commission (HRC) regarding LDG, Overlook Development and Frontgate Apartments.  We respectfully asked the HRC to properly investigate Overlook Development’s relationship to LDG (as evidenced by a variety of statements, actions and decisions regarding Frontgate Apartments during 2012) and revoke Overlook Development’s certification as […]

Initial Documentation Provided to the Human Relations Commission in December 2012 (longer portion)

This is the essence of the initial set of extensive documentation that was provided to Executive Director Carolyn Miller-Cooper of the Human Relations Commission in December 2012.   For context, I recommend that you review the shorter portion of documentation in the post above before reviewing this longer portion of documentation.  Eric Flack’s reports in […]

WAVE3’s Eric Flack investigates LDG and Overlook Development

See Eric Flack’s story on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 here. Hear Eric Flack on 84WHAS with Tony Cruise on Thursday morning, January 17th (mislabeled as 1/15) here. See Eric’s additional story about Overlook Development and LDG that ran on Friday, January 18th here. See the extra raw footage of Eric’s interview with Michael Gross here.

Much more on LDG’s MASSIVE management failure in Indianapolis

Mayor Fischer (and Director Johnson) defends his support of LDG Development building and managing the new Frontgate Apartments proposal with this statement: “The quality of LDG’s work has been recognized as top-notch in the field of affordable housing developments.  In fact the developer has a national reputation and is ranked the 6th best affordable housing […]

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